The 10th UUM International Legal Conference

“Law, Government and Society: Addressing the Challenges of IR 4.0”

29-30 November 2019. Parliament of Malaysia


The 10th UUM International Legal Conference 2019 [Deadline Extended]

The recent advancement of technology and innovation in the work routines in many aspects of societal life has brought about the Industrial Revolution 4.0 or more commonly known as IR 4.0. The society is faced with numerous impacts arising from the IR 4.0 such as technological and security issues; data protection and confidentiality; and other issues which impede the harmonious relationship between law and society.

It is within this line of thought that the 10th Universiti Utara Malaysia International Legal Conference (UUMILC 2019) offers a collaborative environment to academician, researcher, student and practitioner to exchange and share their experience and research on all aspects of law with special emphasis on issues of legal diversity. The conference will also provide a platform for the intellectual from various fields and disciplines in law to debate and discuss the current issues worldwide as well as finding solution to the problems. The discussion will reflect the legal issues which are relevant to the Malaysian society and the international community at large.

UUMILC 2019 is built on the success of nine past conferences organized by the School of Law, UUM College of Law Government and International Studies, Universiti Utara Malaysia. It is hoped that UUMILC 2019 will be another successful conference and that the mutual exchange of ideas among the participants will generate suggestions which can be beneficial to the field of law. It is also hoped that UUMILC 2019 will be starting point for future discourse on the legal issues and challenges arising from IR 4.0.


The objectives of this conference are:

  1. To provide a platform for the intellectual from various fields and disciplines to debate and discuss the contemporary issues worldwide;
  2. To provide a forum among the academician, researcher, student and practitioner from all over the places to share experiences on any current legal issues;
  3. To establish international networks among the participants from various disciplines in enhancing the global research excellence; and
  4. To encounter any legal issues from different perspectives both internationally and domestically.


The theme is “LAW, GOVERNMENT AND SOCIETY: ADDRESSING THE CHALLENGES OF IR 4.0”, which illustrates the intersection between law, government and society in facing the prospects and challenges of IR 4.0. In essence, the discussion revolving around this theme is expected to exchange fruitful ideas on the strategies and measures to efficiently adapt to IR 4.0 aspirations.

Publication Opportunities

Extended abstracts and full papers will be submitted to the Scientific Committee for their approval. All accepted extended abstracts will be published in ISBN proceedings. On the basis of the recommendations provided by the peer reviewers, quality papers will be considered for publication in Scopus journal or indexed journal.


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